BEWARE – Have you purchased or are you considering purchasing “TEST X SURGE”?

DO you want to know the truth about this product?

test x surgeTEST X SURGE is a supposed “natural testosterone booster”  sold exclusively on Amazon. In fact, the company and product exist NO WHERE ELSE besides Amazon.

What if you purchased TEST X SURGE and have questions about the product you purchased? what if you would like some information on how the product works or have concerns about the ingredients this “Company ” uses to formulate their Test Booster? Well, you are out of luck because this company does not even have a website or a company number! Instead this company offers a P.O box.

I don’t know about you, but I am not thrilled about ingesting a pill from a company that has no means of communication with its customers.

Now, if that does not scare you, what I am about to tell you next should.

I purchased this product from Amazon (obvious) and when I received my bottle of TEST X SURGE the top layer that seals the bottle was broken but the inner seal was still intact, not to mention the label that appeared to be printed from a poor quality home printer, non the less I used the product for a couple weeks. With out going into detail the product did not work and gave me a head ache.

Now, this product has perfect reviews, not one bad review. I left a review (2 star out of 5) and within 1 hr my review had been removed!

I contacted Amazon and they told me that “the review department was separate from every other department and could not be reached by telephone and only by email” so I sent an email. They sent me an email back that said some thing to the effect ; If I have a financial gain in the product then I can not review the product. I obviously did not have a financial gain and if I did I would have left a 5 star.

I decided to monitor the reviews on this product and what I found was unbelievable! This product was continuously receiving bad reviews yet every time a bad review was posted it was removed in a matter of HRS.  This product is the number one selling natural testosterone booster  on Amazon because of this review manipulation. Could the person creating this product work at Amazon? Could the person selling TEST X SURGE have an insider that has the ability to remove all unfavorable reviews?  I will let you be the judge of that.

Below  are screen shots of unfavorable reviews posted on this product that ALL have been removed with in a matter of hrs of being posted. I will continue to post screen shots weekly of these bad reviews to inform any unsuspecting individuals who are contemplating buying this product or unfortunately already have.










surge-1star feb 5


2 thoughts on “BEWARE – Have you purchased or are you considering purchasing “TEST X SURGE”?

  1. Mark

    I purchased this product and had no luck with the stuff, amazon removed my review as well. What a total scam, how does Amazon allow such things.

  2. MD

    How can I get in contact with you? Can you shoot me an email?

    I sell a competing product of this seller and they are using their tactics to have legitimate good reviews deleted from our listing and other competition, as well.

    I’d like to discuss this further with you.



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